Sunday, March 3, 2013

Skin care: Professional vs. DIY treatments

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Natural skin care products have made a huge impact on the skin care industry as more and more consumers believe that Mother Nature holds the secrets to younger looking skin. Because of this, many cosmetics companies base their products on the finest ingredients that nature can offer. Vancouver, Canada-based skin care specialist Dr. Shehla Ebrahim notes that there’s a surge in home-based devices and do-it-yourself (DIY) skin care products use. The question is: Are DIY products as safe and effective as professional skin care products?

Dr. Ebrahim explains: "While some DIY devices are safe for home use, they are not as efficient or effective. DIY devices operate on limited energy output and have a restricted depth of penetration due to FDA and Canadian health requirements. In addition to being expensive and requiring multiple treatments, these devices can also cause serious damage in the hands of inexperienced users."

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Additionally, the skin care specialist notes that over-the-counter DIY facial products may be packaged to look good and smell good, but they don’t work as effectively as those provided by qualified practitioners. The reason being is that these professional treatment products have active ingredients that act at a cellular level, making a more pronounced effect on the skin, as compared to over-the-counter products which usually contain weaker versions of the ingredients found in professional treatment products.

While natural and DIY anti-aging skin care treatments are accessible, easy to use, and best of all, inexpensive, there’s nothing more important than consulting a professional skin care expert before doing any treatment of any form.

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