Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ageless beauty: 90-year-old Iris Apfel as the face of MAC Cosmetics

Hollywood’s love affair with beauty usually means having young-looking skin. But in 2011, when MAC Cosmetics chose nonagenarian Iris Apfel to be its beauty ambassador, the public was once again reminded that women, no matter what their age is, can be beautiful – fine lines, grey hair, and all.

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MAC’s move to choose Ms. Apfel as its endorser is in response to customers’ search for real representation. Psychologist Vivian Diller affirmed: “We saw things changing when beauty became homogenized and women said they don’t want to look like overly puffed up frozen faces.”

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With her distinct pince-nez as part of her signature look, the business woman, fashion icon, and interior designer has long allured fashion aficionados. Because she has not let age subdue her timeless and unique fashion sense, people of all walks of life are drawn toward everything that is her—her stories, wardrobe designs, accessories, and even philosophies in life. The president of products at Maysles Films, Bradley Kaplan, describes Iris as a woman with a blend of passion, energy, and determination. He adds, “She’s wonderfully strong-willed, opinionated and single-minded.”

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MAC’s marketing move has led younger women to admire women of advanced age because of what they have in terms of dynamism, courage, experience, and, yes, real beauty.

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