Thursday, May 23, 2013

REPOST: Eva Longoria: “Your Skin Needs Protecting”

What are the risks of unprotected sun exposure? Eva Longoria shares in this Women's Health article the importance of protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

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Growing up in Texas, actress Eva Longoria didn’t give sun safety much thought. “Being Latina, you think, ‘Oh, I have dark skin so I won’t get sunburned,’” she says. But now, the star and L’Oreal ambassador wants to make sure everyone is giving enough thought to how their lifestyle choices may put them at risk.

“Melanoma is deadly,” she says. “It doesn’t really discriminate against skin color. You can really get sun damage whether or not you have dark skin or light skin.”

To protect her skin, Longoria wears sunblock and tinted moisturizer daily. If she’s out in the sun, she always wears a hat. “The sun never touches my face,” she says.

Longoria, a L’Oreal ambassador, is promoting melanoma awareness in conjunction with a new L’Oreal campaign that donates $1 to the Melanoma Research Alliance for every bottle of its Sublime Sun products sold this year. The company is also donating $1 to the MRA for every Tweet that includes the hashtag #SublimeSun.

“By being involved in this, I hope people will take away a new awareness of the gravity and the risk involved in being in the sun and then also look at a product and say, ‘I need one with skin protection,’” she says. “That’s what the Sublime line is—it’s all the products you would already use, but it has sun protection.”

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