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The tale of beauty sleep: What good slumber can do to the skin and body

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Women often find themselves juggling a hundred and one things to do, which leads to not having enough time to rest, and in some cases, not having the privilege to indulge in a relaxing sleep. A good sleep involves more than the process of closing the eyes, dozing off, and waking up the next day. It embraces a certain pattern that includes states of rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement, which occur in cycles throughout the sleeping time. When the cycles ensue uninterruptedly, people get satisfying sleep. Otherwise, people feel a sense of lethargy the next day.

Aside from the lack of energy to tackle the day ahead, lack of sleep may also result to weight gain. Researches have shown that lack of sleep boosts ghrelin, the amino acid that stimulates hunger. Not getting enough sleep also increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that surges the blood sugar levels in the body. Cortisol may be responsible for aging as it suppresses the collagen of the skin, resulting to wrinkles and dehydration.

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Suffice to say, a good slumber is in order. Women who want to maintain healthy and glowing skin must consider the positive results of constantly getting at least seven hours of beauty sleep, which include:

- Fewer breakouts and acne. Lack of sleep results to stress, which in turn results to the emergence of breakouts and blackheads.

- Improved skin tone. This WebMD article shares that while sleeping, the skin renews itself. Sleep also assists in proper blood flow; hence paleness and blotchiness are prevented.

- Lighter skin around the eyes. Dark circles, or eye bags, are caused by dilated blood vessels. By getting enough sleep, the eyes become well-rested and blood vessels remain normal.

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