Thursday, May 23, 2013

Using the sun to benefit your skin and emotional well-being

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Health experts agree that sunshine helps the body produce vitamin D, and plays a role in preventing osteoporosis, depression, and certain cancers. A study even states that regular exposure to sunlight can make the skin develop self-protective mechanisms against the sun’s harmful effects. However, too much sun exposure can be extremely harmful not just physically, but also emotionally. Multiple studies have already showed that sunlight exposure can affect a person’s emotional well-being by either uplifting the person’s mood or causing him to be depressed.

Fortunately, this doesn't mean that people have to totally give up outdoor fun altogether. Protection from harmful rays is the key to a healthy skin and good mood. Below are some tips on how to use the sun’s rays to benefit the skin and uplift the mood:

• Being outside, but not directly under the sun, for 30 minutes will benefit the mood

• Protecting the skin using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher

• Wearing a hat or protective clothing while outdoors

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• Seeing the dermatologist annually

• Moisturizing before, during, and after sun exposure

• Eating fresh fruits

• Drinking water and juices

There is nothing more uplifting than feeling the warmth of the sunshine every now and then. But too much exposure to the sun can be harmful to the skin and to one’s emotional health. Like other great things in life, basking under the sun should be taken in moderation.

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